Video Cloud Storage

STANLEY Security offers secure, convenient, and cost-effective cloud and local storage solutions for your business’s video surveillance requirements. You’ll have access to view and manage live or recorded video online or remotely. In addition, after integrating with your alarm system, your alarms will be video verified, therefore priority response from law enforcement. 

Secure – Each camera maintains an encrypted tunnel to the tier 4 data center where the video is stored and maintained. Video goes through your internet firewall and router with little or no special configuration and can only be accessed through a secure internet web portal. 

Convenient – STANLEY’s Video Cloud Storage is compatible with new Axis cameras and existing analog systems. It can easily be installed with no network reconfiguration and there is no need to download or install special client software. All maintenance and video storage is handled by STANLEY, so you can focus on your business. 

Cost-Effective – Video Cloud Storage solutions reduce the cost of expensive on-site storage, as the majority of your video storage will be in the cloud. Instead, affordable NAS storage options are available, to protect against outages and provide cost-effective video back up if needed. Also, hosted IP cameras provide lower installation costs, lower power consumption, and better image quality over traditional video systems. 

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